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HAB Test



Cargo loading

1. Please name the typical fields of application for scissors-stands

2. What are the supports of a

scissors - stand for?

Only to lift the scissors-stand


For safe positioning of the scissors - stand


To unload freight from a truck

3. Please name the basis of the operational health and safety protection

according to Occupational Safety and Health Act. (Working Environment Act )

The manufacturers instruction manual


Quality management system


Risk assessment according German occupational health and safety act

4. Please name a typical reason why accidents happen during operating a scissors - stand

Because of manipulating the operation controls


Because of incorrect use of the manlifter


Because of carrying personal protection equipment

5. What are the reasons for most accidents during the operation of scissor - stands

By operators mistake


By malfunction of the scissor-stand


By lack in organisational structure

6. Which information about the stabilising legs of a scissors-stand is correct?

It effects the stability in a negativ way


It must not be used


It increasas stability and must be used according the producer's instruction manual

7. Who is allowed to operate manlifters and scissor stands in the company?

Only operators who have run through a theoretical and practical Training and are instructed by the employer in written form


Employees who have got a short briefing


Employees with a bit of knowledge in accident prevention

8. Which statement caracterizes a conscientious man-lift-operator

He creates his own accident prevention regulations


He works always very quick


He always operates in accordance with the safety regulations. He is a role model for his colleagues and does not let put himself under pressure.

9. If you found a fault on a cherry

Picker What will you do?

Notify the supervisor and stop the work

Repair the man-lifter


10.Which legal consequences can threaten  

the operator if a colleague is badly injured

ore killed because of the colleagues

own negigent conduct?

Only a fine to the amount of 1250,- €


A fine or imprisionment of up to 5 years or suspended sentence, too


No punishment possible

11. What can happen if a manlifter - operator badly injures a colleague because of his gross negligence

Recourse claim of the employers' liability insurance association


Redress by the prosecutors' office only in Berlin?


Redress by the German Federal Office of Criminal Investigation

12. Which statement in relation to  

truck-mounted manlifters is correct?

The operator does not need a training for it


The driver needs a driving licence


The operator needs a written order by the police to operate  

the manlifter on the factory premises

13.What are the advantiges of articulated  

telescoping boom lifts against others?

They cannot overturn


They are allways easier to operate than others


They are especially suited for work on difficult - to - get - to places

14. Which statement about scissor - stands is correct?

They are standing safer than truck-mounted scissors - stands


They must always be used outdoor  


They have a large working platform available together with a huge  

nominal load of 1000kg

15. Which advantages have trailer - mounted manlifters

They can be transported to the site of operation easy and fast


They have no advantages and must not be used


They are always heavier than other manlifters

16. can the operation of a manlifter be


No, never!


Yes, it is always!


Yes, if it will be operated with large accident risk and  

throug noncompliance of the risk - factors

17. Which kind of manlifter can be equiped with a  drop - and - stop - feature?

Trailer-mounted manlifters


Truck - mounted manlifters



18. Which significance have the yellow warning signs on a manlifter?

They substitute the operators manual


They warn of risks and danger


They inform about the wheels - dimension in inch

19. Which demands will be made on the control equipment?

They must not be blocked agains the moving direction of the manlifter


They must always have a lock


They must be equiped with a cover against inadvertent

operation and must not have a lock

20. What do operators have to take care of after the end of using a manlifter

Placing chocks in front of the rear wheels


Securing against unauthorised us, e.g. removing the starter key


Removing the starter key and placing it onto  the right front wheel

21. Why does the operator have to perform

the daily field test?

Only to identify the age of the manlifter


To check if the manlifter is in good order and condition before starting work


only to find damages on the manlifter and to repair it unprofessional by himself

22. Are you alowed as an operator of a manlifter to climb on the rail or to extend the high of the manlifter with e. g. a ladder?

Strictly not


No, but exception are possible within heavy wind


Yes, everything is allowed

23. What does the operator of a manlifter have  to pay attention to when driving on unknown


Outdoor use is always safe as long as no pouring rain, snow ore ice comes into play.

Before driving on unknown underground it must be controlled according to suitability and carrying capacity.

To strengthen or to cover the underground with wooden boards is always enough.

24. How does a user of a manlifter have to act if he has no visual contact with the positioner

Drive on slowly


Stop all movement immediately  


Reduce the speed

25. Which statement about driving a manlifter with lifted working-platform is correct?

Only manlifter with swivel arm (group B) can be moved with lifted platform

This procedure is allowed if the producer has provided  that the driver

moves the manlifter in staggered operation, only.

Only upright lifts (group A) can be moved with lifted platform

26. Heavy wind influences the safe use of a manlifter. Until which windforce the manlifter is allowed to be used normally?

Windforce 6 = 12,5m/sec ( 45km/h)


Windforce 12,5 = 93,75 km/h


Windforce 125

27. How do you act correctly after the manlifter has touched an overhead line  

Leave the manlifter in up - position to switch the power off.


If it is not possible to move the manlifter out of the danger zone - do not leave the manlifter, do not touch metallic components and press the emergency stop button Warn the colleagues and let them switch off the power


Press the emergency stop butten - nothing else

28. Which statement about

usage of tensioning straps is correct

Defektive tensioning straps must no longer be used and must be put out of operation


Defekt tensioning straps can still be used as a load securing device for heavy load


Tensioning straps must only be controlled every 5 years

29. What is necessary if a second person in the malifter works with a chain saw?

A red and white ribbon with magnetic fixing


A helmet with a yellow flash light


An additional dividing grill between driver and chain saw user

30. What do you have to keep in mind

if using basic plates for the stability of the manlifter

The stabilizing legs can be placed excentric on the basic plates

if the basic plates have a red-coloured outside edge


The stabilizing legs must always be in the middle of the basic plates


The stabilizing legs can always be out of the middle of the basic plates

31. What does the load measurement of a scissor effect?

It avoids falling bellow the allowed nominal load ( carrying capacity)


It avoids exceeding the allowed nominal load (carrying capacity)

The overload must be removed!


It increases the stability of the leading axle

32. What is the function of a pot whole protection of a manlifter

It increeses the chassis clearance during lifting the manlifter


It reduces the chassis clearance during lifting the manlifter


It reduces the distance between chassis and lifting equipment

33. Which statement according to the use of protective equipment against falling  

on manlifters is correct?

On swinging arm manlifters ( like "cherry-pickers") wearing of protective equipment agains falling is essential


On upright man lifters ( like "scissor stands") wearing of protective equipment against falling is required


In general there is no need to carry protective equipment against falling in Japan and USA

34. How can a manlifter user inform himself fast and easy about the technical condition of the manlifter?

by asking the colleagues with the red armlet


by looking into the data sheets (test book)


by reading the user manual

35. What does the cover for the battery connetor avoid

the turnover of the manlifter


acid leaking out of the cells


a short circuit

36. The steering of a manlifter is defect. After letting go the controller it does not move into the zero possition again. What do you do?

Stop work immediately, inform your supervisor, arrange for repair


continue with work carefully and stop the manlifter with emergency stop


repair it by yourself to "score points"  

37. What does a load - moment -stop of a manlifter activate?

The allowed overturning-moment is reached, movement of the manlifter stops. Only movement that reduces the overturning - moment is still possible.


The allowed positioning - moment is reached, movement of the manlifter stops. Only movement that reduces the positoning - moment is still possible.


The allowed overload moment is reached, movement of the manlifter stops. Only movement that reduces the overload moment is still possible.

38. A person was falling out of the manlifter and is hanging in the anti-fall guard

I let him hang in the anti - fall guard until the supervisor comes


I am doing nothing but calling the emergency rescue service


I push him to move his legs, drive down the manlifter slowly and call

the emergency rescue service

39. you are working outside with a manlifter. A thunderstorm is approaching. What do you do?

I call the supervisor and follow his orders


I stop all work with the manlifter and waiting sheltered until the thunderstorm is gone  


I ground the manlifter and do not lift over 2,83 m.

40. When do you perform the daily field - test on the manlifter?

At start of work and allways after every short break.


At start of work before every use and allways at 12:15


Daily before the first use of the manlifter

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